Thursday, February 11th, 2021  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

What does mid and post pandemic fundraising look like? How do we keep our donors connected without fatigue? When is the right time to make large scale requests? Is there a way to raise money NOW? Explore donor impact, engagement, success and how to achieve your fundraising goals in our inaugural online course designed to support nonprofits in meeting the needs of, and attracting, the new donor of 2021. 


Meet Your Instructor Heather Frank

President of STUDIO 4Forty, strategic fundraising consultant and professional of 17 years.

Heather holds a masters degree in nonprofit administration and strategic planning, but more importantly, has provided hands on support to hundreds of nonprofits in achieving their fundraising goals, and has spent her career studying effective engagement of the right donors to support each organization's mission and goal with proven success.


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We're anticipating the emergence of a new, unique type of donor in 2021. By joining our live conversation, we'll provide you and your nonprofit with immediately applicable fundraising skills and deliverables to enhance your donor stewardship.


Benefits Of Our Online Course Include:

Benefit ONE

Learn how to attract and engage with donors based on the latest research, best practices, and practical knowledge.

Benefit TWO

Receive curated, yet customizable document templates to support your immediate activation of best practices learned from the courses.

Benefit THREE

Our team of fundraising professionals are here to serve as an extension of your team through one-on-one consulting, strategic planning assistance, and more. 

The New Donor of 2021

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