To Take Care of Others, Take Care of Yourself

Jan 11, 2021

Blog Post by: Krista Elmore

You’ve heard the phrase tossed around a lot, especially working in the nonprofit sector: self-care. We tell clients to practice self-care. We tell our coworkers to make sure they are taking care of themselves, too, but we often forget to do it ourselves. Yet being an employee of a nonprofit means that you have to set boundaries, you have to make yourself a priority, otherwise you may become a victim to “giving fatigue.” Giving fatigue is where you give, and give, and give of yourself, but you’re never replenishing your own cup. So, after you’ve run out of the ability to give (and even begged, borrowed, and stolen as much as you can to continue to give even when you’ve run out), you’re truly unable to provide for anyone else, let alone yourself.

As a working mother, I know this story all too well. Many of us in the nonprofit sector, whether an employee, a board member, a dedicated volunteer, or a consultant, can...

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Letter from the President, 2021

Jan 06, 2021

Dear Friends,

As we transition into a new year, you usually hear phrases like, “What a year it’s been,” or, “As one year closes, another year of possibilities opens.” We’re saying, “Let’s slam the door on 2020 and pop the champagne for 2021!”

Saying we’re thrilled that 2021 has arrived would be an understatement! We’ve struggled, wrestled, created, triumphed, and survived 2020, working diligently to serve our nonprofit partners, old and new, through our (and many of our partners’) hardest year on record. With this new year, we know we aren’t out of the woods yet, but we’re also hopeful that 2021 will bring with it healing, new opportunities, and a refresh on the world of events and fundraising.

We learned many lessons in 2020, some exciting and others revealing. We learned to adapt in a pandemic, to embrace the virtual world, to get creative with fundraising campaigns, and to embrace opportunities...

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Risk Equals Reward

Dec 18, 2020

Heather addresses 3 of the main questions she has received from nonprofit organizations across the US since the pandemic hit.


Hi everybody. Heather Frank, President of STUDIO 4Forty. I wanted to come on today and address a couple of the questions we’ve been getting nationally from a lot of our partners.  

“What do we do with events and virtual fundraising?”

Many of you, I know, have had to make the hard decision to postpone, cancel, or reschedule your spring galas, fundraisers, gold tournaments, and right now the fiscal and financial impact is probably devastating. There is a lot of concern of the unknown on virtual fundraising. We knew at some point it was going to sneak up on us, we just didn’t expect it to happen this fast. So, top three questions and concerns regarding virtual events:

  1. “Will my donors come along and participate?”

Yes! The answer is yes. If anything, we are seeing a higher percentage of donor participation and...

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Lean In

Dec 18, 2020

In response to the pandemic and many nonprofits that had reached out to Heather for advice, she decided to make this video to answer those questions and to offer support.


Hey everybody, Heather Frank, President of STUDIO 4Forty. I’m excited to come on today and really talk about a couple of the questions I’ve been getting lately regarding this pandemic. I’m thrilled to have such amazing, strong partners across the country who are rising up in their communities because their missions are being called to action, just like many of yours. Right now, the number one question we’re getting is, “what do we do right now?” We’re kind of frozen and we’re standing still and we don’t know what to do next. And it’s a really simple answers, which is, “lean in.” We’re encouraging our teams to lean into their call to actions and communities and finding out what they can be doing to rise up, continue to...

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